Rockingham, Perth and Surrounds

Rockingham Visitor Centre

Phone: 9592 3464


Conveniently located with ample parking, the Rockingham Visitor Centre gives locals, tourists and day trippers information on all the best attractions in Rockingham. They can also assist you with your booking and information requirements.

With 37 kilometres of spectacular coastline views, Rockingham is none other than the perfect getaway destination 40 minutes south of Perth. Simply make the Rockingham Visitor Centre your first stop to gather important knowledge and advice for your travels.

Whether it's a visit to the penguin viewing facility at Penguin Island, a dive off one of the many neighbouring islands, sailing a yacht within the protected bays, fishing or just enjoying the vast stretches of white sandy beaches, the Rockingham Visitor Centre team has all the local expertise to help you explore Rockingham.

Map & Directions

19 Kent Street, Rockingham, Western Australia 6168 Australia